Early June Trip

Hi everyone! First time posting here…I posted this on the app as well. I am planning a short early June trip with my 10 year old niece - it would most likely be a Monday-Thursday trip, visiting the parks on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We’d be arrive pretty early, so we’d have most of the day on Monday. We are planning on staying onsite, so we would have express pass and early entry. My question is - in your opinion, do you think this would be enough time for her to experience the parks? We would be focusing on Harry Potter and avoiding most of the thrill rides (Hulk, RRR, etc.) I’ve been several times, but generally in September so I am used to those crowd levels. Trying to determine if this amount of time would be enough given June crowd levels, or if we would need to add another day. (She is still in school, so I was hoping to limit the number of days she’d be out.) Thank you for any suggestions/advice! :slight_smile:

Yes that’s a great amount of time - you could probably do it in less if you wanted.

I think you will have a great time! What resort are you staying at?

Thanks! I was hoping we’d have the time, but was a little worried about how crowds may be different. If we’re able to do it in less, then we may be able to get some pool time in - I know she’d enjoy that! I think we’ll either be staying at Portofino or Royal Pacific - still finalizing that. Originally, I was thinking Cabana Bay, but I’d like to get the EE and Express Pass.

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