Early extra magic hours and dining reservations

Hi everyone - we’re staying off resort in March and have 8.20am dining reservation at Akershus on a day there are extra magic hours from 8am. I know that for evening extra magic hours, they scan bands at the entrance to each attraction but do they do that in the morning too? I’m thinking that will be allowed into the park early for our breakfast reservation and Frozen will open at 8, so could we ride Frozen before breakfast to miss the wait later? Since we are off resort, we can’t yet book fast passes and not expecting any to be available when we get to 30 days to go. My four year old will never forgive me if we miss Frozen!!! Thanks for any advice!!

Can you modify your ADR to start after 9:00?
You could stalk the FP system to try to get one a few days ahead, day before, day of.
You could pay the $10 per person no show fee for Akershus and get in line at Frozen once EMH is over.
You could show up late to Akershus in hopes that they could still seat you.

FEA is a great ride. The waits when we were there were 135 MINUTES. It’s not 135 minutes good, but I don’t find anything to be that good, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

You’ll be ok. My two cents, just be flexible and you’ll be straight. Know how many days you want to spend at each park and let the fast pass selection per park guide what days you do what. We stayed off property in April during a school vacation week and I got fast passes to everything we wanted. FEA wasn’t open yet. FEA was open over the 4th of July and we couldn’t get a Fast Pass, that said if we’d have rope dropped Epcot, I am sure we’d have had no problem with being able to ride with probably a 20-30 minute wait. Our son just isn’t that interested in FEA. This upcoming trip, my better half insisted we get a Fast Pass for it, so we did.