Early exit escape on Rise of the Resistance?

If I want to avoid the drop, can I exit the attraction in the interrogation room? Or at some other point?

How steep is the drop? Like Tower of Terror or like Splash Mountain or like Pirates of the Caribbean?

You probably shouldn’t go on the ride at all.

The drop is straight down like ToT but no where near as long. Can’t answer your other question, sorry.

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How would you compare with the drop at Hagrid’s? I loved Hagrid’s but I can’t deal with ToT.

About the same length. The drop on Hagrid’s felt “faster” though—which doesn’t really make sense but Hagrid’s feels like you drop like a rock and Rise was more “floaty”?



This is a good question and I haven’t heard anyone share the answer. I’m sure there is some emergency exit if you ask Cast Members on the Star Destroyer. I’d guess they could accommodate you, but they’ll probably have to pretend to be surly when they help you out so they stay in character!

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That would be fun!

I think you would have to exit before you get to the ride vehicle, so basically after interrogation room. The drop was not nearly as long as ToT.

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Yes, it looks to me that that’s where I might be able to b exit. I see exit signs but they might just be directing the regular queue.

Molly @ All Ears talked about this at the end of her review and says it is NOTHING like ToT.

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Thanks. I watched her video.

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Did it help at all?

Yes, I keep thinking about it and trying to make a decision!

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