Early entry?

I am a huge fan of both Touring Plans and the Unofficial Guide to WDW. The Guide for 2021 refers to Early Entry for anyone staying in Disney Hotels. But when I started to make my touring plans here, there is no mention of using Early Entry. Is there any Early Entry/ Might there be this Fall? calc prof

Yeah it’s expected to officially roll out this fall. But unofficially, the parks have been opening early for anyone coming in via Disney transportation. People driving have been held at the entrance to the lot, but they’re still getting in earlier than official times also.

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The official Early Theme Park Entry has not started and no date has been given. A good guess is this fall. Nevertheless, you can start your TP up to 45 minutes before official opening, as they currently allow anyone to enter early.


Thanks for your help

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If I start my TP 45 minutes early, does the software allow me to say I am going to ride something before the park “opens”?

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Yep, arrival at the first attraction will be around 35 minutes early depending on walking speed.

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Thank you for your help.

Can someone explain a little how this works? If HS has 8am stated open and we walk from beach club, what time should we plan on getting there so we can be there at actual open? Do the rides open then as well?

Same questions for epcot, but that has 11an open and we will be walking to international gateway.

Third question, what time should we get the bus for our AK/MK days, which both are listed as 8am opens. Thanks in advance!!

Aim for arrival about 1hr before posted time and you’ll be fine. So for 8am you’re aiming for 7; for 11am you’re aiming for 10

Get to the buses 90 minutes before posted open, however. So 630 for 8am, 930 for 11

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So if I’m staying on property and planned to drive my rental car (easier with 2 kids and strollers) I’ll be stuck waiting with offsite guests?

Yes. For rope drop you’ll fare better with Disney buses. But you still will be ahead of a lot of people if you do choose to drive.