Early Entry with Touring Plan

I’m trying to draft some touring plans and while the site allows me to specify that we’re using the early entry, when I evaluate the plan I’ve made it doesn’t have us as getting in line for the first ride until 8:00 am. I have our start time set at 7:30 and it does put in a step for obtaining our first LL time at 7:30 but I was hoping to see what it projected we could accomplish in that first 30 minutes.

As a related side question, am I correct in thinking that we’re still waiting on an update to the Disneyland side of things to be able to enter our assumed LL return times to our plans?

Coming back to add that it was my “Obtain Lightening Lane” step that was messing with things. I removed that and now can have my plan steps evaluated starting at 7:30. I thought the “Obtain Lightening Lane” step was supposed to just be a place holder to remind you to snag one but it seems to be taking time off my plan. Hope that makes sense and someone can help me sort this out. Thanks!

Are you still having trouble with getting your TP to recognize you’ll be in the park earlier than 8 am? Or did the removing of the LL grab fix it? I am having no issues on a DCA TP but I can make a DL one and see what’s going on if you’re still having trouble.

My go-to fix to “tell” TP that I’m going to be in the front of the pack is to put a 1 minute restaurant break in the part of the park I’m going to rope drop, one minute after rope drop. That has worked in all 4 WDW parks but I’ve never tried it for DL.

When are you going to DL?

If I leave out obtaining a LL it works so that part seems solved. The restaurant tip is a good idea. I’ll try that out.

We won’t be in DL til the end of March but I figured I’d take a peak at things now, especially since my work will be busy closer to our trip. And it had been ages since I’ve been to any of the parks during such a busy time but my kids are getting to the point where pulling them from school is getting trickier!

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As an educator, thank you for keeping them in school while school is in session. :slight_smile:

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