Early Entry with Express pass

I was having trouble with the personalized plan using the early entry (WWOHP, looks like IoA open early my days) and using the express pass. If I click the express pass button, it allows me to do Forbidden Journey at early rope drop, but makes the Hippogriff and Dragon Challenge start at 9am. If I click the “no I don’t have any express pass” button, it allows both rides before 9am. Is this because most people allowed entry HAVE the universal express pass? Is it in fact better to use the regular lines at that time? Or is it a computer glitch? I am evalutating not optimizing…Thanks for help.

Looks like this might be a technical glitch, so you should e-mail webmaster@ touringplans.com explaining the problem and giving the plan URL. They are usually quite quick about resolving these issues.

Have you resolved this issue with our tech support yet? Dragon Challenge is the only IOA attraction that allows Express during EPA, Hippogriff doesn’t open their express line until official park opening.