Early entry with dreams unlimited tickets

Has anyone been granted early entry to Universal with tickets purchased from dreams unlimited with transfer since DA opened? I saw a post on DIS that someone had got in early in January, but cant find any recent mentions.

Good question. I haven’t seen any recent news on this.

My most recent experience is almost 2 years ago, and it worked just fine. but yeah, that’s two years ago.

But even then, there were people online saying that it wouldn’t work, couldn’t work, etc…but there was never anyone reporting that they were denied - and a few reports that it worked. For us, the gate person didn’t even look twice at our tickets.

What we did was buy the DreamsUnl tix which comes with the bus pass, but never used the bus pass. We drove over. Arrived at the gate about 45 min early. Got Olivanders and FJ done in the first hour.

We are going in Oct, and if we were only doing Uni for 1 day, I would try DUnl again for this. But we are in fact staying two days at HardRock - splurging.

good luck!

I see nothing on the Dreams Unlimited website claiming that their tix include early entry. Can someone post a link?

I Emailed Dreams Unlimited and asked point blank if Early Entry still came with the tickets. They replied that some of their cusomers have been granted EE in the past but they can’t guarantee anything. I ended up purchasing tickets from universal to get the unlimited express because dreams unlimited didn’t offer it. Looks like we’ll be going to DE after 5 pm the week of Christmas.

Yeah, my sense of it is that it is not something they are selling, or even something DUnl has control over. It is a loophole.