Early entry rope drop suggestion?

We will be at IOA on memorial day with early entry. Will Hagrid’s be a part of early entry? If not, would we still be best to get in line for Hagrid’s right away or hit up another ride first? Suggestions?

Yes. Here is where to find the EPA attraction list.

Make sure to get to the gates 45 minutes (at least) prior to opening time. They usually open 15 minutes early.

If you cannot arrive that early and are not towards the front of the crowd, it could be a long wait.


In order to take advantage of EPA during a holiday weekend you are going to need to arrive to CityWalk about one hour before EPA begins. If staying on-site the first buses will begin pick-ups one hour before EPA and you should be waiting about 10 - 15 minutes before that…

If you can’t be there that early, I’d still go to EPA but wouldn’t rush to Hagrid’s. It’s going to be busy all day unless you do a “true” rope drop.

Go do VelociCoaster or explore Hogsmeade with the notion of being inside the parks when the rest of the attractions open…