Early Entry in a car

I am thinking of renting a car to reduce exposure. Do they still hold the cars back early in the morning? Do the bus riders still have a rope drop advantage?

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Resort guests have a 30 min early entry advantage. If you are staying on property using Disney transportation would be the best way to get the drop on the day. But if you are staying on property, in a deluxe resort, you’ll get two late nights. One each at MK, EC

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Over on Lines chat there is a spreadsheet of the most current times they are letting cars into theme park lots in the morning, etc.

Also folks are reporting their times every morning. Just ask. One the ground intel-

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Thank you, But I can’t figure out how to find it on the chat?

You just have to ask for it. You can’t search chat but someone will share the link.

How does anyone post their info then? :thinking:

I’ve never actually looked at it but I think it’s a google sheet that anyone with the link can edit. @PrincipalTinker would know better than me.

So I went to the link that @MeetMeAtThePoly posted, but got a message to subscribe to unlock the grayed out sections.

I clicked on subscribe but it just took me to my dashboard. I am already subscribed for WDW. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to be able to look at the spreadsheets / docs for each park please?

This is the link to chat on your browser. Sign in and go to chat and ask for the link to the document.


Or download the phone app, and sign in there.

ETA I just replaced the link because I was signed in and wasn’t sure if it would work. But it looks the same.

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Sorry, here is the link to the sheet

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