Early Entry: Hollywood Studios

Thanks for earlier help for MK. Next question:

I will be staying at Coronado Springs and going to HS on January 30th. What is the best way to get to HS to ensure that I am there for early entry? I will have a car, but I’m not insistent on using it. I’m okay with taking Uber/Lyft if that makes sense.

The Touring Plan book suggests self parking at Swan and Dolphin, then walking. But maybe it is best to Uber/Lyft and get dropped off? Are these ideas any good, or what do you think is best?

Since you are at a Disney resort I would suggest just taking the bus. Get to the bus stop early around 7:00 to try to get one of the first buses there. When we were there in December, HS was the only park where they were letting people in earlier than the advertised time so I would aim to be there before 8:00 to be at the front of the pack. Maybe someone there more recently can confirm if this is still true? As far as driving, Im not sure but am curious what time they are letting cars in nowadays.


If you are looking to be at the very front of the pack, an uber/lyft may be the right choice. There were people in line before the first bus arrives.

In early January, they would line people up in two lines near the skyliner for a period of time. (See circled area in screenshot below). The security team would then walk the group of people over to the security check. The people in the line on the right would go to the security check that is straight ahead and the left line would be taken around to the left security check.

From there you would then line up at the turnstiles until they decided to let everyone in.

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I think if you have a car and don’t mind walking the parking lot, that’s the best way to control your timing. It’s a quick drive from Coronado to HS.

As an example, if EE is at 7:30, it’s highly likely they open the “gates” at 7:14-7:20, so be in parking lot at 6:50 and in line by 7AM.

We did this at AK in January and we’re just a few people back. Personally, I prefer driving when I can, but I know that parking lot walk is not for everyone.

Good luck with whatever route you take!

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Yep if you take the first bus, you’ll be at the front of the pack, except for walkers from Crescent Lake resorts.

The GDT stop is the last stop before busses head to the parks, and I haven’t seen any reports in the daily check ins over on Touring Plan’s WDW Chat that the first busses have been full.

There’s a spreadsheet created on Chat with daily first bus times.

Scroll down to WDW Chat under WDW Planning Tools.


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Does anyone have more up-to-date information here? Wondering a couple of things:

  1. Is DHS still opening prior to its opening time, for either holding people or allowing them to certain areas?

  2. How long before opening are buses running? (Bonus love for you if you know how early AKL buses are running in comparison to opening time)

  3. I read somewhere that the Uber/Lyft dropoff is a) dependent on the opening of the parking areas and b) is not exactly convenient to the gates, so some distance of walking is required. Can anyone confirm either/both of these?

  4. How much does all this matter if you are ToT/RnRC area bound? I figure I’ll get an ILL for RotR (rode it before, so if I miss it, meh) and Genie+ for MFSR and maybe SDD if the Fates think I am worthy…and as I already have Oga’s at 2 and Savi’s at 10am I’m kind of pushing my luck on the Fates. With the majority of our day dedicated to that side of the park, I want to knockout a limited-capacity ToT ASAP and then wait in line over there.

  1. April 22nd We got into the park before 7:30. The scanned our ticket to make sure we were resort guests & then entry started around 7:15. I was up at RoR by 7:25.

  2. We took an Uber arriving @ 7:03. I think the drop off was near the buses drop off. I don’t remember the walk being excessive.

  1. We were done with RoR by 8:00am. We went immediately to Rock & Roll coaster & only waited about 15 minutes. I think you will ok rope dropping tower of terror at 7:30. Most people seemed to be headed to RoR or SDD. That being said we did not go to Tower of terror at 8:15 because by then the wait was too long for us!

Currently early entry is at 8 with park opening at 8:30. According to the spreadsheet the most recent bus pick up at AKL Jambo was at 6:37. The rule of thumb is the bus arrives 90 minutes before early entry. I think you will be fine if you head to ToT and RnRC first.


Thank you @simba77 and @MrsHurls for your replies!!!

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