Early Entry for Onsite Guests- What do we know?

Family of 6 is going in August for the first time for three days, so I reserved base tix on alternating days starting with DLR. Next week is ADR week, so I’ve worked out restaurants for each of the three days. After the announcement of Early Entry for onsite guests beginning this summer, (we’re off-site) we rope-droppers are super annoyed at the news and wondering how to plan for this. Does this make a huge impact on rope drop for the other folks? I read somewhere that previous Early Entry alternated parks every other day, so I am wondering if I would be crazy if I booked dining at both parks each day in case we need to switch park reservations opposite of the EE park, if they go back to the old EE schedule. I wish Disney was more transparent in at least 60 days in advance for planning.

I honestly don’t know straight up what I’m asking other than how would you plan dining for base tix? And is rope dropping still a thing for off-siters??


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The percentage of guests staying onsite is so much less at DLR (vs. WDW) so the pool of Early Entrants is smaller. Also, not everything opens for the early entry. In the past, DL often only had Tomorrowland and (most but not all) of Fantasyland opened for early entry so you could easily start on the Frontierland/Adventureland side if you so happen to be there on a day that is early entry.

I wish Disney would be more transparent too so I don’t think it would be bad to have some contingencies & re-assess once more information is available to you.

And in case it helps, the old schedule for early entry was:
TThSat- DL


This is so helpful. Thank you!