Early Entry for BOG ADR?

Our 8:05 PPO ADR at BOG is no longer PPO due to a schedule change (MK now 8AM). Can we still enter Fantasyland before the 8AM RD, perhaps 7:45? TIA everyone.

If you have an 8:05am BOG on a day the park opens at 8am you’ll be allowed to head to BOG as early as 7:45am. You won’t be allowed to walk around Fantasyland or ride anything before 8am.

I’d recommend getting there around 7:30am and going to see the PPO ADR CMs on the far left of the main gate. They may let you head up to BOG earlier…


You may be given one of these - usually given to PPO guests


You’ll follow that map this way -


Once you get to BOG you are usually seated by arrival for breakfast. So… you can get there at 7:50am and maybe get seated.

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