Early Entry Extended To 60 Mins Over Christmas


Just. Make. It. Permanent. :roll_eyes:


Yes this should stay.


Good news, sunday is our first day and I want to be in early, out early

But yea, this is the way it should be, 30 minutes seems very short


It’s win-win for all guests! Resort guests get an extra 30 minutes to tour with small crowds, and non-resort guests get the benefit of resort guests getting through the park faster and clearing way for a mid-morning lull.


I am reading a lot of reports that AK did not get the memo about 8am opening today.

How can that happen?

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What the actual fuck

Get it together down there, Disney!!!


I can confirm this - taps did not open until 7:05. My brother is there with his family for their first trip. He said it was chaos and they got in the park at 7:30.

They are still having a good morning though! Already rode EEx2, dino and on the safari. Have ILL for FOP and LL for navi this morning.

I like the conjecture on a different post that they waited until 7:05 to make sure the crowd didn’t stop en masses to book their first ILL.

Someone in operations desperately trying to help an issue they didn’t create?


Reason #26429 why AK should have things going later, not earlier.

I noticed pretty much everything is donzo come 5pm-6pm. Even if the park stays open, there’s like no activities to do other than eat or ride.

And reason why #852 why this genie @7am thing is moronic.

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Seems super plausible given how I’ve seen the whole of HS come to a standstill (not an over exaggeration) when it was time to book just a boarding group. I can’t imagine the gridlock with needing to book lightning passes.


I can see how this might be a thing (the 7:05 excuse) but the thing is there are just So. Many. Excuses these days that I for one am over giving them the out, even if it’s plausible.

But if we allow this excuse, this means they should avoid opening times that coincide with reservation times? I guess this would be another argument in favor of extending to PM vs opening earlier.


Honestly, I don’t really understand why anyone would think Disney knows enough about their operations to actually plan on opening a park late. That is way too much credit.

I remember being at HS the first day of early opening. The CMs at Galaxy”s Edge did not know how they were directing guests ro MFSR or RotR. That was not planning, it was poor communication and planning.


When we visited DLR in 2018, MaxPass wouldn’t allow purchase until after you entered the turnstiles. We had to move through the turnstiles, stop, and then quickly enter our credit card information to buy MaxPass, and then we could grab our first FP. It was a huge PITA and I worked hard to stand to the side so I didn’t block anyone else as they entered the park.

By the second day I had a text file set up to copy and paste my credit card info to make the process quicker.


Did MK open late too?

It’s an explanation, not an excuse. I am not excusing the, yet another, misfire.

This isn’t even difficult! All they have to do is extend hours on the backend, open up ak at normal “9am” and then put the early entry at 8am.

A damn chimp with a handful of poo and throwing it at a wall-clock could figure this out!



Cause d’amaro actually sucks worse than chapek, just in different ways?

It’s high time for a culling at Disney management.


Agree agree agree agree agree! :100:

D’Amaro is Head of Parks and Experiences. He got rapidly promoted.

Jeff Vahle is the person who is in charge of the running of WDW resort, so Operations is his responsibility.

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Yesterday two parks opened at 7. If opening at 7:05 was a plan, it would happen in both parks? Although the parking tolls opened late at MK, reports are that the gates at the parks opened on time. No way the toll booths opening 15 minutes before the park was planned?

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