Early Entry Attractions announced

Starting October 1st, these attractions will be open for resort guests 1/2 hour before park opening.


Pirates, btmrr, and haunted mansion all aren’t going to be open? Interesting.

Ak looks to be the “best bang”. Knock out all of pandora in that time frame if it is all near-walk on.


I think we all know that Test Track isn’t going to be available most days!


It’s FL and TL just like EMH isn’t it.


For my upcoming trip my plan was to go straight to KS, but looks like FOP first would be more advantageous. :thinking:


Seriously? What’s the point of extra hours if I can’t ride BTMR in the dark??


I don’t remember, honestly. Whenever there was emh, I used that time to just be in the park early, I didnt care much about getting on a ride cause I had a fpp

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These are the morning ones


Well, it was FL and TL. And it still is.

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Ohhhhh! Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen the evening ones today, either here or on chat, I can’t remember.

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I don’t have numbers to back this up, but my guess is that you should hit Na’vi first, then FOP. While you are in line or on FOP, the main lines will open up. As you then get off FOP and head to KS, a lot of folks will be heading to Pandora.

I say do Na’vi first because it has a much slower line, and if you get ahead of the folks who hit FOP first, then you will have practically a walk-on for Na’vi. You will have a bit longer wait for FOP this way, but I think overall it will save you considerable time.

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Thank you, found them!

Edit: oh you beat me to it!

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Doing FOP first you can usually walk on Navi. By the time you’ve done Navi, you’ll be looking at a very very long wait for FOP. Possibly not as long as before since the EMH crowd should be divided between parks.


IIRC, the two times my family did the Early EMH at MK in the old days, only attractions in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland were available. Adventure, Frontier & Liberty Square did not open till regular park opening hours.

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We followed that advice when we went, and it was a HUGE mistake. The line for Na’vi AFTER FOP was over an hour. It was practically a walk-on when we first arrived (but we did FOP first). We noticed the wait time for FOP was much shorter than the Na’vi wait.

Part of the problem is ride capacity. Everyone who does FOP gets off and then goes to Na’vi. But Na’vi can’t accommodate as many people as FOP, so the line backs up. BUT, the reverse isn’t true. Everyone who gets off Na’vi can get into the line for FOP, but the line for FOP is faster than Na’vi riders can fill it.

Now, under normal park circumstances, you would still have people filling the FOP queue. But in the early park entry, you only have the other early park entry people getting in line to contend with.

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Ok. I’ve never seen that happen myself.

Not to pile on, but we also had a minimal wait for Navi after riding FOP when we did it last month.


Our 10/1 Early Entry plan for Animal Kingdom (8:00am opening/7:30am Early Entry/TP is set to a 7:15am start time) is:

Everest (x3) …dd loves it and the collective predicted wait is 16 minutes!.

TP is predicting all should be done by 9am.