Early EMH transportation

We are staying at the Poly for the first time in late april. On early EMH at Magic Kingdom, what is the best way to get Magic Kingdom? Is the Monorail running before 8:00?

Yes the resort monorail was running at 6-6:30 am earlier this month for early EMH (7am,) when we were staying there. There will be a sign if it’s not for some reason…usually directing you to the water launch or ferry.

Thanks. I am excited about staying at the Poly for the first time. I have been staying at the Boardwalk for a few years and wanted a change.
I think I made a good choice.
If you have any more tips or suggestions about the Poly, I am very interested in hearing them.
We booked the Deluxe Villa standard view. I am deciding on which building to request. Leaning toward the Moorea.