Early dining waitlist?

Just out of curiosity, has anyone had luck getting bumped from late to early dining? We are a party of four adults and three kids 5 and under, and we just changed cruises yesterday (found a better deal that worked better for our schedule) but early dining is sold out. I’m sure we can work around it, but the kids are usually in bed and asleep by 9, so I’m nervous about how this will work out for us without one of the adults always having to babysit while the others catch the late dinner.

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If you go to guest services at boarding you should be able to get it switched.

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We were switched with no difficulty at boarding time.

The one time I was on the wait list for early dining, I did end up getting it, even before we boarded. I am sure it varies.

Same here. We had a similar request for the last few months and found we were switched to the main seating about a week ago. We leave for our cruise this Saturday so happy to not have to worry about it when we board!


I’ve been waitlisted each time and have gotten it each time

We actually got it within a day or two of being waitlisted! Hooray :slight_smile:

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