Early Dining reservation at Magic Kingdom

Good Morning, We have a Breakfast reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table for 8am on Friday. The Park opens at 8 for Extra Magic hours that day. 1) what time should we catch the bus at Caribbean Beach? 2) Will they let us in earlier at the gate for our reservation? 3) My trip planner on Touring Plans said we can ride 7 Dwarfs at 7:59? Will they open the gate earlier than 8? Will there be enough time to make our dining reservation?

Sorry for all of the questions. This is my first planning experience for our family!

I would be at the Caribbean Beach bus stop at 6:30 AM. I know that sounds early, and buses do start running early to accommodate those with early breakfast reservations, but they don’t run as often as they do during park hours, so you may have to wait a bit longer. When you get to the turnstiles at MK, there will be one dedicated to early breakfast reservations - either to the extreme left or the extreme right. There’s a sign, so look for it. Yes, if your ADR is 8 AM and park opens at 8, they will let you in a little early so that you can get to the castle by 8 AM. I’m not sure what you mean by riding 7DMT at 7:59. .

I would likely ask at the front desk of the hotel when the first bus to MK is and when they’d recommend you being at the bus stop to make an 8AM reservation. Then I’d make sure to not miss that bus, but asking might buy you another few precious minutes of sleep if you’re lucky.

Thanks! My Teen won’t like 6:30!!

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