Early December or Late January?

DH gave the go-ahead for a trip this winter…probably because I told him I would go solo if he didn’t want to! We’re looking at “quieter” times in early December and late January. Does anyone have a time they prefer? Crowd calendars are looking fairly similar since we would be pre-holiday and post-MLK and race weekend.

Late December will be filled with Mickey’s Christmas parties, which decreases the number of MK nights. But the Holiday atmosphere is amazing in the parks.

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Early December, particularly if you would like to go to MVMCP and also see the resorts all decorated up (WL is very impressive)

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WDW is beautiful when decorated for Christmas; early December gets my vote.


Disney World decorated for the Holidays is still on my Bucket List , And I have threatened a Solo trip if it doesn’t happen soon.

Early December, love the holiday decorations.

Early December has the benefit of Xmas, which if you haven’t seen is worth doing at least once. The weather is also a little more stable in that severe cold is more unlikely. January dodges the Xmas parties, but the weather is dicier and several rides will often go in refurb in January, just after the Xmas peak. It’s common for Splash and others to be down around that time of year.

Crowds are typically lower in January though and if you get decent weather it is very nice to go then too. I’d lean early December though…

We did a Universal trip first week of February this year. Weather was great, actually. We were still in shorts…but then, it was unseasonably warm this year, so I wouldn’t count on that. (Because we all know how much we can otherwise count on the weather!)

Anyhow, I agree with the general consensus not because I have experience, but because our next Disney trip (2020) is planned for the first half of December PRECISELY because we want to be there for the Holiday decorations. We probably aren’t likely to do the MVMCP, but we will see the decorations and lights, etc.

Early December, I will never go back in Late January when all the Brazilians are there.

Brazilians are always there…

I’m talking about the massive unsupervised tour groups of teenagers that cut in line and have no concept of personal space.

Yep, that’s them - the chanting mob. They seem to always be at WDW, regardless of the season.

Interesting. I have been in late March/early April, Memorial Day, late January, middle of October, and Thanksgiving and have never seen (or rather, heard) them.

I’ve heard Cast Members refer to them as “Killer B’s”. :smiley:

On a positive side, I’ve never had any issues convincing my (sometimes slow-moving) friends to go! go! go! and make sure we get in a queue ahead of a quickly-approaching mass of Killer B’s. :honeybee:

I’ve only encountered them once, Memorial Day weekend of 2012, and for the most part had no bad experiences. The most annoying was when I was going to use my Soarin’ FP (still paper back then) and just as I was approaching, a group of about 40 all entered the line. Knowing how Soarin’ loads I figured it would take 30-plus minutes to clear them, so I went up and watched “Circle of Life” for the first (and as it turns out, last) time. By the time I returned to the FP line, there were only a few people ahead of me. I only had the chanting experience once; a group of about 12 started in while on a bus leaving AK one day. Ear-splitting, but not for a long duration.

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