Early Breakfast Reservations to Be Our Guest

I originally made reservations for 8:10am at Be Our Guest on the first day of our trip thinking the park would open at 9, as usual, and we would be in prime location for some crowd-free Castle photos and first in line for Mine Train after breakfast. Turns out, for whatever reason, MK is opening at 8 this day. Are there any benefits to keeping the reservation, or should I scrap it, eat at the hotel before leaving, and hit the ground running with the rest of the crowd? Thoughts?

We have the same issue although our reservation is for 8:45. Will they still let us in the park pre opening?

Our original plan was to get in early, wait at 7 Dwarves and be a little late for breakfast. Now we can do 7 Dwarves and be on time for breakfast but would be nice to be in before the crowds. Does anyone know what the range of reservation times they let in early is?

Crowd-free photos are a thing of the past now anyway, regardless of park opening time.

For a 9 am opening, everyone gets to enter at 8 and head for the Hub, so you’d need to be at the very front and snap very quickly to get the castle without people!

For an 8am opening, they typically open up a little early, 7:45/7:50. With an 8:10 reservation they might make you wait at the Hub or they may let you past to go to BoG only.

As for your question, it depends… Have you been before? Is the primary aim to be able to eat at BoG and look around, or to get ahead of the crowds? If the latter, then you might as well cancel, it will get you no advantage. If the former, then keep it, but keep checking for one later.

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If the park is opening at 8am, then I doubt they would let you past the Hub early. The only time frame I think they might let go in would be until about 8:15, since you have plenty of time to reach BOG.

I got a crowd free photo in April, you just have to get there early :


I’ve never been to BOG and would love to experience it, but for the price, I was really only justifying it as a means of beating the crowds for my crowd-hating husband. Sounds like I may have better luck just cancelling and hopping in line like everyone else…

Interesting, but the place looks desserted. I know that is what you wanted but somehow without the crowd it just doesn’t seem real. Personally I have a family picture with the pumpkins of Halloween with people all over but that’s what makes it real. One drawback though was they were doing construction behind the castle and the boom of the crane was sticking up directly behind the castle and looked terrible. Photoshop to the rescue! Removed the crane from the picture and it looked perfect.