Early Breakfast Reservation/Rides

So when our ADRs opened I booked an 8:00am reservation (for a 9:00am park opening) for Be Our Guest, as I had read reports of people doing this to get into the park before opening and thus sometimes get to ride Seven Dwarves Mine Train.

Early Morning Magic has now been revealed to be on the very same day, so I was just wondering, what is the likelihood of still being able to do this?

And what will happen if we aren’t allowed on SDMT but come out of BOG before 9:00am? Where will we go?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the EMM is a good/bad things. On one hand it guarantees they won’t change park hours making your PPO no longer PPO. On the other hand it makes it so you will only be able to do SDMT once, because they won’t let you on early during the event. You still can line up and ride right at 9 thought, so you’re ahead of the rope drop crowd as long as you get out in time.

We’re doing this same thing on our trip in 2 weeks :slight_smile:


Early Morning Magic has a pretty negligible effect, other than, I think, there’s no chance that you’ll be allowed to ride at all before 9. But you can still get out early and get in line and be ahead of the Rope Drop crowd. That would be the same for any other ride if you got out before 9 - you could line up, and at 9am they’d let you on.


None. On EMM days no one except the people with wristbands are allowed on the rides until official park opening.

You can wonder around Fantasyland somewhat, as long as a CM doesn’t ask to see your wristbands, not riding anything or head over to the 7DMT RD queue area. You’ll be held here by a CM, but ahead of the RD crowd that is waiting by the castle. At 9am they’ll let you go in the queue. I have seen EMM guests fast walking into the 7DMT queue right at 8:58am to squeeze in one more ride before regular park guests can enter.


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Thank you for clearing that up :slightly_smiling_face: We have bought Villains After Hours tickets so I’m not too fussed just wondered what the situation would be.

When we get to Magic Kingdom for our 8:00am reservation, there will be obviously already be people queuing to get in… who do we let know that we have a reservation? And do we just make our way through the crowd? I don’t want to appear rude…

Check out easywdw.com blog w/ photos about how a PPO BOG works.


(The article takes place on a non-EMM day, but it all applies - except you don’t get to go on 7DMT early. You stop where I previously mentioned.)

We did BOG before park opening earlier this month. Look for any CM that has any kind of signage for any early entry. Tell them you have breakfast reservations and they’ll steer you the right direction.

That’s really helpful, thank you everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


So, I’m in the same boat with a 8:00am PPO BOG ADR on a newly announced EMM scheduled day. My initial thought was that I wasn’t sure it was worth keeping the reservation. However, I’m now wondering what (if any) benefits there would be to keeping it? Like perhaps any photo opps in front of the castle on our way to breakfast? We did this the last time we did PPO BOG (in 2015 when RD was still out at the tapstiles) and they were amazing!

Absolutely. We did Bog In EMM. You are let in the same time as EMM so Main Street isn’t completely empty but we got a picture at the castle with little wait and it was still pretty empty. We were done at 8:40 and then you can head in over to a ride and wait. You can’t ride until 9 but you will be ahead of the RD crowd so still worth it. And as others said, it means the park opening time won’t change to earlier which I like.