Early breakfast in the park plan bust

Ok so we’ve used the book an early breakfast res to get into the parks early trick several times. Worked like a charm. The last 2 times I booked BOG at 8 am though, Disney has changed park hours to open at 8 am…wrecking my plans to jump in line for minetrain right after breakfast and still before park open. I didn’t get a FP for it because of my awesome strategy, but now hours have changed and there are no more FP available…boo.
So my new strategy is to arrive early (7?) and go directly to mine train and ride that before we go to BOG. If park Opens at 8 and our res is for 8:10 we should be ok right? With the early res and arriving early we should be at front of the line I’m hoping.
So my question is will this work, and also what time will they actually let us in?

Even if you are a little late you should be fine. Have you looked? I expect others will be dropping ADRs and maybe you can bump it out a little?

They may let you in at around 7:45 since your BOG reservation is within 15 minutes of park opening. In that scenario you’ll be fine.

However, if they don’t let you in early, you’ll be with everyone else. If there’s no EMH then for an 8am park opening, that’s pretty much when they let everyone on.