Early Breakfast ADR

If you have an 8:00 ADR for BOG breakfast, on an day when MK has an 8-9 am EMH, will they let you in early to get to the BOG? Or do you have to wait in line with the rest of the EMH folks?

I can’t say for sure, but I believe that most of the 8 am BOG folks are being let in around 7:45.


There should be a separate line, so ask a cast member when you arrive. I would try to arrive around 7:30 to get your bearings and to get in the line, with the assumption that they’ll start letting people in your line enter around 7:45.

Thank you, I was hoping this was true. I never booked breakfast in the park before. I am not sure how early I can get there, I am staying at the Poly and will grab the earliest transport there. I am still trying to figure out the schedules for the 2 monorails, 2 water taxis and bus schedules. They are not really posted.

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If the park opens at 8:00 there will definitely be either monorail or boat transportation from the Poly. I would confirm with the desk the schedule when you check in.

My plan was to tour the resort and check on transportation times upon arrival. I normally stay at the Epcot resorts when I visit WDW. This is my first stay at the Polynesian, I am very excited!

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