Early BOG breakfast to get to 7DMT early - does it still work?


I've read that WDW is now selling tickets for people to get into the new fantasy land pre rope drop and that they are no longer allowing people with early BOG breakfast to ride before the wave of rope droppers arrive. Can anyone comment on the accuracy of this?


It still worked this weekend. You might not have time for 2-3 rides but you can still squeeze in at least one.


Also, the paid Early Morning Magic is only 2 days a week, though I can't remember which two.


On Sunday, Jan 22 early ADR at BOG worked well. 3 rides on 7DMT and in time to get on PP in say the first 30 riders at Park open. Not bad for a $24 breakfast.


When we were there last week we had a 8am ADR at BOG. We finished by about 8:45 and we were taking our sweet time looking around and eating. :smiley: However, they held everyone for 7DMT by what is kinda the curve in the fence for the line (by the partial castle wall) until after the welcome show and the official opening. By then there were probably 40-50 people in line. You will definitely get on before the majority of the people in the park, but by the time you make it out of the exit line, the standby line will likely be back to nearly the Big Top area.


Anyone have recent updates on this and whether the same is happening with pan's flight?


Someone just liked my comment on this thread. So I'm upadating after my experience in June. They did exactly what you described with 7DMT. I saw the line building.

We focused on PPF. We were held back at the corner before you get to PPF and IASM until the welcome show ended. Then we were able to get on. There was no pre RD ride for us either. We just beat the crowd.