Early bird check in

Do I need it? I always fly Southwest but this is my first time flying into Orlando. I never buy early bird being as I usually fly into Palm Beach and traveling with Kids under 6 I’m able to board between the A and B groups, which is great since there aren’t many kids flying in to Palm Beach.

Now I’m wondering if family boarding will even be an advantage since probably 75% of the people will have kids under 6 with them. Early bird check in would be $60 total but if I don’t get an A boarding it’ll be a waste of money.

If you are confident you can check in at 24 hours on your own, i wouldn’t do it. We’ve boarded B and still sat together. Do you have more than 1 adult? If so, worst case 1 adult each takes a kid or 2

Early bird may be worth it BECAUSE of family boarding. (Funny that my phone autocorrected to “hoarding”). We had low B boarding on hth legsnlast trip and there were so many families that we ended up way in the back anyway. We don’t mind that as - God willing - the whole plane arrives at the same time, but some folks prefer to sit somewhere specific and so in that case early bird would help.

2 adults and 2 kids. We don’t have any seat preference as long as it’s all together. Either 4 across or 2 in one row and the other 2 behind.

We fly SW in Orlando frequently and don’t pay for early bird check in. There does seem to be a good number of people in the family boarding, but never so many that we don’t get seats together. I check in 24 hrs in advance and typically get B boarding of some type.

Same. We always get 2 and 2 but sometimes in the way back

I thought I’d read people saying that there were certain routes (like to Orlando) where they either didn’t do family boarding or put the ceiling age of the kids at 3 or something because otherwise it would be the whole plane. Or maybe it was based on the percentage?

I don’t remember where or if it’s true, but I know I’ve seen it somewhere before.

I know out of Nashville that they use 6 for family boarding even to Orlando. I think that’s fair. I wouldn’t want my 5 year old sitting alone.

My daughter just turned 2 so in February. I think I’m going to pay for early bird on the way down with a flight that leaves at 1:15 Saturday and risk it coming home since we leave at 10:05 on a Monday night.

I wonder if I can just buy early bird for my wife and I and just line up the kids with us.

I check in right at 24 hours and have been able to get A or early B. The only time I did EB check in was when I knew we’d be in the park at 24 hrs before the flight home and we had a connecting flight. We’ve always been able to sit together. I don’t mind sitting in the back of the plane and don’t have to be up front.

You have to buy for all on the reservation from what I remember. I couldn’t pick and choose who had the early bird.

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I always buy it, but I’m a worrier by nature. I know if I don’t I’ll spend more time than I should worried whether or not I’ll be able to get a seat together. So to minimize my anxiety and make for a nicer trip, I get it. But if you’re not the compulsive nervous wreck I am, I think it will be fine checking in at 24 hours!

The last time I flew at that hour there were about 10 of us on the whole plane. Everyone got their own row and nobody even needed to sit anywhere near another passenger. It was very cool

This is true. All or none.

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And that came from large parties who would buy for one or two and have them try and save seats for everyone else in the party (who seemed to always be Group C).

Yeah, we flew that route last year and they told us to spread out over the plane, there were about 12 people on that flight.

I’m going to buy it, my concern is a bunch of other people will, I won’t get A boarding and I’ll still have to use family boarding

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