Early August Photopass Share?

I’ll be in WDW from August 2-8 and would love to join a Photopass share! Is anyone interested? I have participated in one before, and I’d be willing to lead it if necessary.

I’d like to! I am going from August 21-28. Will the dates work, or are our trips too far apart?

It should be workable if you are okay downloading shortly after your trip. Photos don’t expire until 45 days after they are taken, and I believe you can download over a period of 30 days so I think it will Work! I will review my notes on MM from my last trip for precise dates but I am confident our trips are close enough to work out, if you are interested!

Great! I am fine with downloading as soon as I get back. Count me in!

Amazing! I’m excited! Lets hope we can find a few more people!

I have not heard about sharing the Memory Maker until today and reading this post?

How do you all work this out?

From what I can tell from this article ( http://www.themouseforless.com/blog_world/2016/02/words-warning-sharing-memory-maker ) only the person who actually purchased the Memory Maker and links it to their My Disney Experience can actually download the photos?

I am going the week after Thanksgiving this year from Nov 24 - 29, 2018 and would be interested in doing this myself if I could find some people going around that time and are interested. Especially if it can save me some money! But it almost seems like a bit of a hassle and putting your family vacation photos into the hands of another?

So if any of you have already done this and can explain it a little bit I would appreciate it!

Thank you for your time.

Card1, I sent you a PM. It is a little finicky to organize a share but it isn’t too bad if you read up on it! Good luck.

Thanks for the advice!

Our trip is July 28-August 4. Would love to share. It would be my first time but I’m definitely in if it will work out for the interested parties. Please let me know. Thanks!

Yes since we’re so far out, hopefully so. Thanks for responding. Someone on Lines pointed me to a Facebook group that exists to facilitate Memory Maker Shares so I’m exploring that option as well. I’ll look forward to others chiming in!

What about Aug 25-30? Can I get in, or is that too long after your trip?

Are you still looking for members to share? If so, I’m looking for a group in August. My dates are 8/24-8/29. I’ve never led a share, but I have participated one fairly recently so I’m familiar with how it works. Thanks!

I still need one and our dates are almost identical…

I’m sorry but our share is full! I moved over to Facebook where there are lots of groups of people looking. If you are still looking I would advise you to try there, you will find another few people easily!