Early arrival time on first day - what to do?

Hi all. In my original plans I assumed we would have a midday flight to MCO and then go to chef Mickey’s for dinner and makes it an early night. Well I got a great deal on our airfare today and booked it but it changed my plans. Now we are arriving early (930 am) to MCO. Now what do I do? I think I still have my heart set on starting the vacation at Chef Mickey’s (perhaps for lunch?) but do I then just hang at the hotel for the day and rest up or do I try to hit MK? Note that i am traveling with my dh, dds 8 and 4 , and ds 1, we cannot stay out late, I do like the idea of waiting until the one the vacation to see the MK, and arrival day is Saturday January 21. OK go!!

We had a similar early arrival when we went earlier this year. We planned a lunch at T-Rex Cafe and then browsed Disney Springs. We went back to the room, which was ready by then, took a short nap, and then hit the Magic Kingdom that evening. We didn’t do much, but we were able to book 3 fast passes for that day so we did three of our favorite rides that night with minimal waits. So my advice would be to do Chef Mickey’s for lunch and then do a couple fast pass rides at Magic Kingdom and leave at whatever time you feel comfortable with. Personally, there is no way I could be in the World on my first day and not go to Magic Kingdom!

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I would eat at Chef Mickey’s for lunch, and then head to MK for the rest of the day. Book your 3 fastpasses, and spend some time enjoying MK without the rush that occurs when you are running from ride to ride at rope drop. Head back to the resort when everyone is ready and make it an early night.

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It’s a plan. Thank you!

If you’re arriving that early I’m guessing you’re up super early. I would check in, head to DS, nap after lunch, enjoy the pool at resort, enjoy your CM dinner, and still head to bed early.

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Totally agree. You’re just shifting your sleep, awake, travel and park time. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the $$$ saved! Order an extra dessert or something!!