Early arrival time for PPO BOG?

I was just able to snag a 8:30 PPO BOG on a 9 am park opening day. Will I be allowed in to the park as early as those with an 8 am res? RD is a must!
Would they seat us early? (Yes, we would preorder on the mobile app. )

From my experience, they’re pretty busy in the morning, so it’s unlikely you’ll be seated earlier than 8:30. More likely, you’ll be waiting at least a few minutes past that time.

IMO, you’d need something earlier for it to benefit you and not be forced to inhale your food and rush out of the restaurant.

Thanks. Helpful. I’m not afraid to cancel it. RD is higher priority.

I believe that others have reported that they have been able to check in at 7:45 and enter with the pre rope drop crowd. I do not think it is guaranteed , but that is usually how it works.

I am pretty sure you can get into the park early - but not sure if they will seat you early. I have always gotten a res between 8 & 8:10 and pre-ordered. I always got right in - but it is certainly possible we strolled back there from the front if the res a little after 8. I don’t think I ever took longer than 1/2 hr to eat - but that was just me & my bf - no kids.

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Things might have changed recently, but we had an 8:25am reservation and ordered our food beforehand, we were let into the park at 7:45am, took a few photos and seated ourselves around 8:05am, got ourselves drinks, and our food turned up about 8:20am, we were back in the park by 8:45am and we didn’t rush.


Just checking in for recent reports on this. My experience in June 2017 was that anyone with a PPO res was granted entrance at 8. You didn’t really have to officially wait for your time.

Any recent reports? Is that what people are seeing now?

We’ll be there Jan 19 for an 8:25 & 8:30 for members in our party. My plan is to still arrive to be back there around 8:10/8:15