Early arrival reservations

Hi Everyone,
My mom is arriving the day before me, and she does not have her own MDE account. I have her listed on mine as a friend. Will I be able to make reservations for her the day before my 180 days, essentially 179 days? Thanks!

Same question for me but for FP’s and will I also be able to book a day early because of their reservation?

On dining reservations it is 180 days from the date you make the reservation. So for your mom, you will be able to make her reservation 180 days from her arrival (181 days from yours). You will then be able to make you dining reservations the next day.

FP’s are 60 days from the date you are booking with a Disney resort reservation and valid theme park tickets. So you can book for the folks arriving early 60 days out and then for everybody else the next day.

Will it be hard to book together if I book grandma and grandpa first? Like, we want to try to get even 2 FoP and SDD fastpasses as soon as possible, but keep the rest of the party together the rest of the time. Can that be done? I’ve never booked FP’s before.

One thing I forgot to mention is that if everybody is staying on the same reservation, you should be able to make everybody’s FP at the same time. It should not be difficult to synch everybody’s fast past when your window opens. Just be careful with the high demand rides (7DMT, FOP, TSMM, SDD) that you go for those first later on during your stay when booking the FP’s.