Early ADR ok to take a bus?

We have ADR to Cinderella’s Castle (first time!) at 8:05 on a Tuesday next month. We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Wondering when the busses start running, and how early we should leave? Or would it be safer to drive from the resort over?
Magic Kingdom opens at 9:00 that day.

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I’d say the bus is your best bet (well, a Minnie Van would be the most efficient for MK, but that’s pricy). Driving, you’d have to drive and park at the TTC, walk or take a tram to the monorail or ferry to take you to MK. Busses drop you off right there. They usually start coming between 6:45 and 7. I’d say get to the bus depot by 7 and you’ll be fine.

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The 7am bus from POFQ got us to MK by 7.20 for our CP breakfast.