Early ADR messing up MK TP?

I used the MK “happy family - day 1” TP as my base and I have adjusted it slightly. It is set for January 25, 2017 (hours 9-9). One of the things I did was add our 805am BoG ADR. After optimizing it had us going to our ADR then getting in line for 7D at 853. (before the park opens) and waiting 45 minutes? What’s going on, this cannot be right. Also it’s telling me to get a FPP for 7D to shorten the wait. Should I really have to do that? My research suggested a benefit to an early morning ADR at BoG was quick access to 7D and little to no line. TIA

Something is wrong w/ the TP for sure. Ignore the 7DMT thing. Get to the MK entrance by 7:30ish and try to finish your meals and be in line for the 7DMT by 8:40ish. You may very well be on the first mine train as I have been several times in the past. And, do hustle off the attraction and walk with a purpose back to the front of the line as you’ll likely be able to ride a second time with little wait. If more rides are of interest, then FPP.


The issue is tp doesn’t let you start timing queues until 9.01. By this time many liners are in the queue so can’t time it. So the first times logged are from those guests waiting 55/60 mins joining the queue after 9. am. It also cannot account for riders riding early So part of your wait is from 8.53-9.00 outside ride then at 9 am walking the queue. We had similar problem with ETWB when it opened in 2013.

I was having the same problem with a PPO ADR at the Garden Grill in Epcot with plans to ride Soarin’. The touring plan had us with a wait around 40 minutes. One suggestion was to leave out the ADR and first ride and start the plan at 9:15-9:30 for your second attraction. Another suggested just putting in a 15-20 minute break and labeling it 7DMT. Another suggested leaving the plan as is and just reoptimizing after you ride. I am opting for the first suggestion of just starting my plan a little later at our 2nd attraction.

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