Early ADR and Monorail issues

We are excited head down to WDW next week. All planning done to the best of my ability and with a great deal of help from this forum and TP website. Thank you all for your advice and patience.

I just wanted to share something and get one last piece of advice/info.

I remember reading at some point, that the monorail at MK (both express and resort) will be running on modified schedules. Since we are staying off-site, our plan was to drive to the TTC and pickup the Resort monorail for our pre-RD ADR (8:00 AM) in the MK. I saw conflicting monorail schedules on various web sites, so just to be sure I called Disney. They told me that the Resort Monorail will not begin running until 8:30 on the day we are scheduled in the MK. And that the ferry begins running 1 hour before the park opens…neither will get us to the ADR on time.

Disney said our only option was the bus from the TTC and said “the buses start running at 7AM”. So hopefully we can catch the “MK express bus” if there is such a thing. We have zero experience here, so I was wondering if anyone recently has had to take the buss from the TTC to MK for an pre-RD ADR and if they remember how long they had to wait and the travel time?

The best info I i could find was here (of course on the TP site):

and here

What date is your ADR?

My other thought for a possible similar situation is to valet park at the contemporary - as if you were meeting friends there - and walk along to MK
Costs $5 more, But if there are better options I am interested too.

I’m curious too. Who did you call at Disney? Was it just a random CM? They don’t always seem that reliable.

Looks like this original question is 8 months old but in case anyone is wondering - we tried to hop on the monorail for breakfast at GF during our trip last week. I didn’t even realize how early it was and that the monorail wasn’t yet running :wink:
I think it was about 7:30 and MK opened at 9 that day.
Anywho - there are busses that run the mono-loop when the monorail isn’t running. To get to MK or any of those resorts, just hop on a bus or boat.

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So would we expect to get on the bus at TTC, stop at Poly, stop at Contemporary, then stop at MK? Sounds like a 30 minute ride, is that about right?