Early Admission

Anyone know if there is Early Admission on Saturdays? Arriving 4/22. Only staying 2 days.

There will always be EPA in 1 park for onsite guests. Universal unfortunately don’t tell you until check in which park it will be. Traditionally its been IOA for off peak but they are mixing it up this year. That weekend I would expect park opening to be 9 am so you will get access to one park at 8 am. It is only Hogsmead that’s is open for early entry in IOA and in USF they open DiagonAlley and DM. They might open transformers or another ride also. The only gaurantee entry to wwohp though so don’t be disappointed if that’s all thats open

Wow - they only announce at check in? How can you plan your touring if you don’t know which park you will be in?

Do 2 plans. If you have exp pass you don’t really need a plan. You just need to work out when to do FJ -epa or rd or last 90 mins. DM -rd everytime. Gringotts -last 90 mins or epa Do not do at rd that’s for DM. Then hogs express before 11 or after 5. Thats the only 4 things you need to plan. Tp site will probably know a few days in advance so watch for changes there. The switch this week was posted on the tp app when they found out. You can call your hotel a few days before and they should be able to tell you which park also. I believe hotels find out on Sundays for the next week but Universal can change it at any time.

Thanks for the advice; this is our first trip to US, we are veterans at WDW. We are going during the first weekend of April vacation - this would mean huge crowds at WDW - sounds like US has smaller crowds in general? Figured out what DM is and I think epa is express pass…what is rd? Am shocked to hear that the Minions have longer waits than Harry.

EPA do during Early Park Entry ( uni version of emh)
rd do at rope drop when parks open.
DM is minions ride and is a slow loader compaired and to Gringotts. Queues for DM with exp pass will be a third of standby which can reach 3 hrs and do not reduce in the evening where wwohp rides get really quiet about 90 mins prior to park close.
Remember no exp pass for FJ -forbidden journey Hogs exp or Gringotts
Hope this helps