Early Admission this Fall

The way I read Universal’s early admission calendar (https://www.universalorlando.com/Resort-Information/Early-Park-Admission.aspx) , they are not offering ANY early admissions after August 30th. Is this a new policy or have they simply not decided yet what they will do? They really sell that early admission benefit for the hotels and it doesn’t look like it’s even on offer most of the year. I’m going in early November and was hoping to get in early to at least one of the parks. Anyone know what gives?

Its just not been added to the calendar yet you are guaranteed it for 1 park if staying onsite. They are prob waiting to see how busy hotels are going to be and also how hhn tix are selling. There online calander is pretty new and until this year your Early entry park and time was only given to you at check in.
Its looks like back to IOA only towards end of Aug but suggestions have been made that they may be looking at having it at both parks again if numbers dictate.
They normally update the early entry calander the first week of the preceding month so this month’s delay is unusual. Remember that early entry parks can change on the day also so check your hotel lobby, boat launch or walking path notice each morning just incase.

Thank you so much! That’s news to my ears.

I just booked for week of Sept. 12th, and was told IOA would have the early-entry through the fall. Double check, but that’s what I’m planning on…

Hey, thanks so much…have a great time!

Just re-checked the Universal website (I, too, have been waiting for this information for September!), and it looks like early-entry is IOA-only through September 15th, then switches to USF-only starting on the 16th.