Early admission question

Is IOA the only park with EA or is it sometimes USF? We’ve done EA to HP, but would like to try the other way, through USF. If we go on that side, does it mean waiting til RD, then dashing to Gringott’s? Or is it more efficient to do the FJ and then take the train over to Gringott’s? We have APs & will be there this weekend. Thanks.

I just joined TP a couple of months ago, and only found these forums recently. Been learning so much from you veterans, thank you!

It can be either, or in busy times both. If you’re going this weekend, the UOR website will already say which park it is.

I can’t help with the rest of your question as I’ve never tried, but I’m pretty sure some of our UOR experts will know.

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I have never done it, but I keep hearing that taking the train from the EA park to the non-EA park will NOT get you there before the people who go directly to the non-EA park at open. So, you are better off skipping EA at IOA and getting in line for RD at USF. (Wow! That was a lot of acronyms in one small post!)

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Thank you both, that was helpful! We ended up going to USF, only waiting about 1/2 an hour til they let us in, right at 9 a.m. It was nice, cuz the CL felt about 2/10 until at least 11 a.m.
Rode DM for the 2nd time and enjoyed it even more. My DH was cracking up, the Minions are his new favorite creature!


sorry this is late but would not do FJ EE as you go through the regular line as EP line is not open. This was nice to see the entire castle but was a good 30 minute wait that in EP was around 15 later in the day.