Early 2015 Room Only discounts

I can see on mousesavers when discounts have come out in the past. So I can see that for the past couple years, Room Only discounts for the first few months of the year (my personal interest is February 2015) have come out early October.

But my question is: does anybody have any other information? That is, any buzz or scoop on exactly when these discounts might be made available to the General Public (or Disney Visa cardholders)?


Keep an eye on when the current offer expires. I'd say anywhere from a month before to a month after the DV and GP RO discounts will come out. Though this fall, FD came out first, then RO, making RO discount availability extremely limited. TA's are supposed to keep an eye out and snag the deal for you, if you're using a savvy TA.

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That's a good tip. Thanks, PianoMinnie. It looks like the current deal is open through October 3.

In past years, it seemed like the new offer came out within 2 weeks of the old expiring, but this fall FD came out before the summer offer expired.

OK. So that's a twist. I did notice that the discounts recently seem to have come out a bit earlier than they have historically. That's why I asked.

I realize I even answered a similar question in a "February Deals" post last month (maybe my new thread should be merged into that old thread). I've had success in the by knowing, thanks for Liners on Chat, when the new discounts were coming out. I was able to get on the phone with Reservations within a few minutes of the discounts being available. I hope anybody who knows will post here!

Me too. If it hadn't been for @DarthD giving the shout out on chat, I wouldn't have been on the phone at 7:02a to get the last room/view at the resort we wanted under fall RO discount.

A CM told me how they decide how many rooms to allot to each offer, and basically, if they're booked to a certain capacity at rack rate, there will be less or no rooms discounted. They then decide what percent will be RO vs FD vs AP discounts. She said this fall has had the highest, earliest bookings they've seen in years. That may be why the fall offers came out with such unusual timing. Sadly, this makes it increasingly difficult to predict when offers will come out. Good luck!!

Last fall the Visa offer for Early 2014 RO discount came out on Oct 3. The public one was a few days later. We're going again next Jan , so I'm hoping for another discount. 😀

Going late February 2015 and hoping to find a RO discount. With DS13 and Ds10 still eating off kids' menus, FD doesnt make sense for us anymore!

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I called this morning to ask about early 2015 discounts. Nothing yet. This isn't breaking news. I didn't expect anything. But figured I'd share.

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Nothing this morning either. In our discussion about the timing and availability of discounts, the very pleasant CM wanted me to know that the Yacht Club (where we have our room reservation) and other Epcot resorts sell out faster than the other resorts. Jim Hill and Len, on a recent podcast, point out that, in fact, the Yacht and Beach Club have the lowest occupancy rates of any of the deluxes.

The CMs are often like misguided Cliff Clavins, feeling the need to share information even if it's incorrect (or, maybe in the case, this is just something she perceived to be true).


In my latest installment of Nothing to Report Here, I called again this morning and still no February 2015 discounts. This morning's chuckle came when the CM suggested (as they all do) that I keep an eye out at disneyworld.com for announcements of discounts. That's helpful, Brittania or Sunshine or Exodus or whatever your phone name is, but by the time the Disney web team posts that announcement most of the discounted rooms will be gone!


The best info comes from liner TAs! Last October, I found out ealy in the morning on chat about the Visa discount for January. The email about it didn't come until late afternoon.

I am interested in May 2015 discounts. Hoping for a discount for the Beach Club for a trip with our adult children. Fingers crossed!

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So for those of you keeping an eye out for RO discounts - do you book a room before the discount to make sure you have something & make ADRs, etc. then try changing your ressie to take advantage of the discount, or do you hold out making any reservation until you try for the discount?

I wait in the hope I'm helping keep occupancy at rack rate low so Wdw will offer a RO at all. Witness what happened for this fall's offer. Also because rack rate at deluxe resorts is ridiculously high.

I already have a RO reservation at POP for Jan. 2015. We're going no matter what (signed up for 5K), and I wanted to make my ADRs at 180 for the whole trip. Summer 2013 we made POP and AOA reservations for Jan 2014, and they were easily able to apply the RO discount when it came out last Oct. 2013.

I'm waiting on a potential 35% for deluxes. Currently using my 25% cash DVC discount for an SSR 2BR. Hate hate hate the waiting game.

It's noble of PianoMinnie to wait for the greater good. But I book ahead of time. My historical booking sequence has been:

  • Book at Rack rate
  • Call and get AAA rate when available (no longer available, evidently)
  • Call and get better discount when available to Disney Visa card holders
  • Call and get better discount for when available to AP holders

But there's no guarantee any of these discounts will be available for my room. So it really is a wait and hope game.

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Here's to waiting and hoping!


Called today. Still nothing.

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