Earliest FP during Fall 2019 early opens

Hi! I’m up early this morning to book FP+ for our early October trip, and noticed there are no fastpasses until after 9am. Since MK and AK both have regular open at 8am these days, it seems strange they wouldn’t start FP+ until the 9:00 hour. Is this normal for 8am opens?

We’re staying onsite, so plan to take advantage of Morning EMH 7-8am these days, but I guess we’ll have another hour of no FP+ offerings (which will mean faster standby processing, I suppose). Just wondering if this is normal and if we should expect them to open up the 8-9am window as our trip approaches?


I noticed the same thing for our Sept 21-28 trip. I saw one FP for the Tinkerbell meet at MK for 8:50, but other than that nothing before 9 at MK or AK.

I would have expected FPs to be available from 8am, but I think there have been reports that the same thing happened for September.

Not sure why. Other than they have realised things are more efficient without FP+ which is why the Star Wars rides won’t have them to begin with! Maybe they’re trialling it out at the other parks.

I had a FPP for Tiana & Rapunzel M&G that was at 8:30am, but other than that I didn’t notice any either. I ended up dropping it but I was able to snag it at 7am on my FP day. That was for 9/30. I am hoping they will release more of the 8am times!

For the benefit of anyone following along, it looks like FP times have opened up between 8-9am now for the early opening at MK in September and October.

I would assume AK will follow.



Thank you!

omg ty! scored an FOP at 825 on our AK day… so happy!


OMG TY! I just got 8 FP for FOP at 8:55 a.m. Wow.


Thank you so much! Got 7DMT at 8:15 on our first day, my kids are going to be thrilled!

And moved my FoP from 10:45 to 8:20! My husband is laughing about how excited I am about all of this. :slight_smile:

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Yay! Thanks @Nickysyme