Earliest Flight on Disembarkation Day


What is the earliest flight time from Orlando International that I could safely make on the day I get off a Disney ship?

I assume it takes some time to get my luggage, go through customs, etc. with the other 4,000 people on the ship. And I know that security lines at MCO can be crazy.

What if I'm taking the Disney bus? What if I have my own car and am parked at the terminal? What if I'm taking a car service?


If flying home the day I get off the boat I would say 1p to allow plenty of time for getting off boat and not worrying or rushing. You could probably get away with noon- but why stress? Traffic, boat delays, big lines... Lots of ways time can add up.


I don't think one method vs another would give you enough of advantage to effect flight time unless you do car service and the early/express getting off boat.


The official answer from DCL if using their transfers to MCO will be 11:30. Any earlier than that and you'll have to do express walk off. Which basically means you're in charge of your own bags and can't put them in the hall the night before


I did a 10:45 but that was in Miami who has faster security than MCO and I was solo. With family I wouldn't cut I closer than 11am.


Keep in mind you aren't allowed to linger on the ship on debarkation day, they are literally vaccuming you out. You have to be out of your stateroom by 8am because they do a deep clean of the rooms, change the linens, clean the carpets, etc. so no one can be in those hallways. They have to get everyone on the ship, reset everything and get ready for 4,000 more people checking in within 3-4 hours.

DCL says not before 1 but we've taken an 11am ish flight before, only if we're using private transportation. We almost missed a flight waiting for DCL transfers one time because a family decided to have an argument that held up the entire bus.

You can walk off with your own luggage, which is what we do when we have an early flight and want to get moving, it leaves less chance for delay. You don't have to stop for breakfast but if you want to eat you can always go to Cabanas and grab something from the buffet, you don't have to do the sit down breakfast (which isn't that good in my opinion). It gives you more flexibility in food choice and also with time because it's buffet so you aren't waiting on anyone.


Thanks for the useful replies! I knew I had to get off the ship early, but the flights I was looking at were all way too early to risk, especially given the potential craziness of MCO.


The flights are priced that way in all airports with cruise passengers. Low before times recommended by the cruise lines and then up at the recommended times. For those who risk it, it is a gamble because all flights later will be booked. IF possible, you may want to consider staying an extra day to take advantage of the lower priced flights.