E-Ticket Basics?

Poised to make our first trip to DisneyLand next week. Finally got around to buying tickets which I have electronically and can access via the DisneyLand App. Should I just do all admissions via my phone? Should I transfer a ticket to my wife and/or son’s phone so they can access without me?

I’m used to the credit card type tickets at WDW and now Magic Bands so this is slightly different. I wasn’t sure if I can pick up the credit card style tickets on-site or if I’m just better off with the phone access. Thanks for any tips…

You may be able to have them on multiple phones. We have annual passports and my husband & I were able to both add everyone’s so whoever is walking faster toward turnstiles can pull out the app with everyone’s pass ready to scan.

As for a hard ticket, the first day you will be issued a paper ticket (thicker but not quite a plastic credit card type that you mention). You will still need the paper ticket to pull FPs for free at FP kiosks. If you want, once you have scanned your tickets at the front gate, you can pay for the MaxPass add-on ($10/person/day) to be completely paperless & pull FPs from the app on your phone. It also includes your PhotoPass photos for the day. Depending on how many days you have/how often you go, this may be a good option for your party. If going more days, then MaxPass becomes costly & you’ll have more time to do everything.

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Thanks for the response. Just to follow-up for others, everything went as you described. First time through they scanned the app passes, took a photo & gave us a hard copy ticket that was thick paper - survived the week even when my son’s got wet in his pocket after Splash, but still never had an issue scanning.

We did do the MaxPass and it was awesome. For most rides we were basically walking on via fast passes as we’d scan, book another and go there. A few rides have backed up FP (Guardians, Radiator Springs, Indy, Matterhorn, Space & sometimes Splash) so those can be ideal to schedule after a meal break or when you went to do a couple other non-FP rides in between. Overall we felt MaxPass was a great investment for us as may only go to DisneyLand once types who usually do WDW…

So glad that you enjoyed your first trip out to Walt’s original park! MaxPass has been getting rave reviews & is especially helpful for when you’re short on time, so glad it worked out for you! What were some of you & your family’s favorite things out west??

For us at Disney a lot was comparing and contrasting either “same” rides, or rides that use the same ride system. Radiator Springs uses the same setup as Test Track effectively but is a far better ride. Indy is the same ride system as Dinosaur, but is far more popular even though it tells us a less cogent story IMO. Cars Land was quite impressive with its theming and a lot of fun. The differences in Pirates/Space/Splash/Buzz are also interesting to give a slightly different spin on a ride we know well.

Disney Land seems to have more “early” rides left than MK like Mr. Toad’s or Story Book that were interesting as a throwback. Probably wouldn’t need to ride more than once every 5 years if we were regulars, but were fun to check out once. I also enjoyed Nemo on that level, despite the facelift, as the original Nemo is one I remember riding at WDW as a kid in the '70s.

Overall Radiator Springs was probably the biggest hit with Guardians perhaps being second as the Tower of Tower facelift is really nice and those were both somewhat unique ride experiences…

The other thing that was nice is everything being accessible inside security so you could park hop easily and even bounce to Downtown Disney for a meal quite easily. A lot of days we started at DCA, hit the major rides via MaxPass and then bounced to DisneyLand - it was almost like one big park in a way…

So glad you enjoyed it all, the new & the classic! It is kinda like one big park, never thought of it like that. But we do like to hop lots so love that they are close. Glad that MaxPass helped you work out your day too! Hope that you can make it back sometime again!