DxDP "hack"

On our past 2 trips we’ve “hacked” the deluxe dining plan by sharing it between 2 separate room reservations. This year we’ve got an additional Disney “kid” in the mix (she turns 3 before we leave which was not a cheap choice to make in planning). In an ideal world, we would buy 1 adult + 2 kid DxDP and share amongst our group, but I can’t make it work without needing to pay for a room charge of having 3 adults in 1 room. And I no longer have BoM to give me more ideas :frowning: We all need to be on some room reservation because we’re riding Magical Express.

2 rooms at Pop
4 adults
2 Disney kids
1 infant (doesn’t count for DP)

Can anyone think of a way to make 1 adult, 2 kids work without needing to pay the $20/night charge at Pop for a 3rd adult in the other room?

ETA: Yes, I know it’s a lot of food. But the other 3 adults I am going with care a LOT about TS meals.

Why not reservation for 2 adults and 1 child in each room? It would avoid the extra adult fee, or am I missing something?

How many nights? Cheapest i can think of is to get an uber for the adult not on the res. Probably $70 roundtrip.

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The price/night of 2 adults, 1 kid on Deluxe is ~$275.

The price/night for 1 adult, 2 kids is ~$203.

It’s like $600 more for the entire stay.

8 nights. I don’t think anyone would be willing to Uber except me & the kids wouldn’t be happy about that! :wink:

I feel like I don’t have any more options, but I wanted to throw it out there before I go ahead with this plan.

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well, at least $160 is still cheaper than the $600.

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We are paying the extra adult fee in one room to avoid the extra adult on deluxe dining plan. Shrug. It still saves us $, just not quite as much. So long as our meals (table service or quick service) average out to something like $24/plate or more, we’re golden, and at wdw that is very very easy. So we will have one room with three adults and one room with one adult, 2 kids.


This is what we ended up doing as well.

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