DW simplifying help?

This is why I pay for the subscription.

I use the TP, without inputting that I’ll use LL, to sketch out a plan before the trip but I’ve been so many times now, that I don’t really need a plan.


Good news! They are working on refinements. Apparently the “day of” optimization works well after recwnt changes, and because there are fewer unknowns at that point. That’s at least a start. I am interested in seeing it in action when I am there in March - because I agree Genie+ has really tripped things up.

They will show you MDE (with and without G+). Not the Lines app. But they have screen captures that show in real time what the booking screens look like and how to check for ride times and modify LLs in MDE, etc.

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Just coming back to this - last year, my son built a double sided plastic light saber in the Star Tours gift shop for $45. I believe single sided is $30. The double sided does come apart to make two single light sabers as well. They are collapsible so they fit well/easily in luggage.

(Prices might have gone up since then.)


Ear Scouts is my favorite YouTuber for Disney info, particularly on how to utilize/maximize genie+ stuff