DW - continued low crowds in Sept

At this point, it seems between the ticket increase and GE not fully open, it seems folks are going to wait until Dec to go en mass? or until all things most new things are open in 2020?

September is usually low crowds anyway, so kinda hard to tell. I definitely think it will pick up in October but maybe not to predicted levels


We have a short trip planned for Oct 20-22, staying at POP. We decided to add on an extra day and POP had no openings. Neither did any of the value resorts (except AoA family suite for $500). I called Disney to see if they could “see” anything different. Tried booking just one night, then the full three nights. Absolutely nothing available. I don’t think there is a pop warner event so maybe crowds will be picking up?? I hope not!

we’ll be there 10/19 thru 10/26…very little capacity for awhile now…can only hope ton of off property bookings aren’t full, either

I’m booked for 10/24-27 - I noticed the same lack of availability on property, but have been stalking the options for a while now b/c we may get there 10/23 (it would be late and can stay off site, but convenience and all) - anyway, just noticed more options opening up lately. I’m really prone to switching our hotel reservations late and in general notice that as dates get close, options often open up - people do cancel. That was a big sidetrack - anyway, CL is decent for this trip, but I’m hoping that’s true b/c hotel availability concerned me.