Dvcrentalstore without insurance for early June trip

I reached out to them, but curious if anyone had any luck with Dvcrentalstore without purchased ng the insurance. We were supposed to go Jun8-15th with DS9 and DS6, wife, and SIL. We are coming up on ticket time, but I’m pretty skeptical they are going to reopen by then. Or if they do that it will be in full capacity and this would be SIL first time and first time for kids since ds6 was a baby.

We originally were thinking ride it out and reschedule, but my SIL is teacher and likely switching districts so won’t know calendar and my son’s school has a very strict attendance policy. So guessing July would be similar risk as June and only other time would be around Christmas break which I know is much more busy and the tickets only automatically go to Dec 15th.

At this point we are thinking we will cancel, and try to save the 2nd part of payment to Dvcrentalstore and new cost of tickets/DDP. We will probably try to go next year but I doubt DVCRental will be that flexible with reschedules.

We are really bummed and we’re hoping to beat some crowds that next year will likely bring with Anniversary. We haven’t told the kids anything yet as still in the air, but not looking forward to that either as they have still been counting down since we booked last October.

Has anyone had any luck with partial refunds or any other advice on how you’d handle the situation?

They told me no refunds but would be willing to work as the intermediary to reschedule based on availability and if the dvc member is willing. I am still waiting to here back about rescheduling my trip, booked to arrive 5/9, I’m not getting my hopes up. Even if the member is willing I don’t know what kind of availability there will be this fall when I would like to go

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I was given two options. First, I could reschedule. This issue with this was, they couldn’t tell me the exact date the points I rented would expire so I kind of had to guess a date, then they could tell me if they were still good. I had a March trip cancelled due to Disney closing so I think they were super slammed when I was dealing with this and I suspect they would be a bit more on top of things by now. I could reschedule anytime the points were still good as long as I didn’t go over my previous number of points purchased. I ended up rescheduling to October for a longer trip but a less expensive resort and the point allotment ended up exactly the same.
The other option I was given was that they could try to resell the points and I could get the difference back. But they couldn’t guarantee I would get all my money. Since I didn’t foresee a ton of people booking old points this year I opted to rebook. At least then I had a better chance of getting my money’s worth.

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I was contacted a week before my final payment was due with the same 2 options as @phezzick.
This is for a split stay May 19 - May 26.

I would go ahead and contact them now about the expiration date on the rented points. This will inform you if your owner’s even have the ability to reschedule the trip. For example, if the owner’s have an August Use Year, the reservation points will expire at the end of this July.

My travel adviser was able to get the point expiration dates of my renting members. We have 2 as it’s a split stay. Part 1’s point expiration is stated as January 31, 2020 which does not make sense. The rental store did send an email to the owner asking if the points were banked, but never heard back.

Thanks for the replies so far. So far I’ve just gotten the canned we are busy response, but expecting may take a bit of time to get a response.

And what is truly shameful about owners and the DVCrentalstore sticking to their “no refund” policy right now is that Disney has announced they will return vacation points to members due to cancellations. In essence, members are being made whole by Disney as if they never rented points, but they and brokers are still keeping the renter’s money. I too have a DVC rental thru the DVCrentalstore for much later this year and words can not begin to express how sorry I am that I ever rented DVC points.


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Well based on what people said above they are letting you rebook within the members use year, so really depends on the use year of your member. I can understand that members may have already made plans on the money they got selling the points and they would be losing points otherwise. It’s certainly not ideal, but Dvcrentalstore is also just the intermediary here.

I’m sure if I’m looking at losing everything I’m going to be more bitter about it, but for now I’m staying optimistic

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I hope it works out for you.

But for me, it has become apparent that DVC rentals are the single most financially risky way to book a Disney resort that exists. As upset as I am at owners who really are not losing points due to Disney’s COVID-19 accommodation while they keep our money, I am even more upset at myself for being seduced by the appeal of a “deal” while thinking the risks will never happen to me. I just hope others learn from my mistake before it is too late for them.


Yes, DVC rentals are the riskiest way. Buuuut, keep in mind you are getting deluxe accommodations at basically value prices. (On my previous trip, I figured I got a Bay Lake Tower 1 BR room for just a smidge above Art of Animation after all the fees and taxes were taken into consideration.)

I get the feeling of getting ripped off, but we’ve never had a situation like this occur before. We cancelled our rental, which was scheduled a few days after Disney closed down, and just assumed we’d be out the entire sum. But we had rented through David’s and had a good owner who made everything work for us; we ended up being out $36 in the end. I got lucky, but will that stop me from considering a DVC rental again? Probably not.

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I don’t mean to be argumentative, but when owners and brokers keep renter’s money after Disney returns owners point is a game changer for me. To me that is simply taking advantage of people. It negates all conceivable benefits there are to DVC rentals. I’ve rented many times without issue that my rental was non refundable. But now, by returning points, Disney is effectively covering the owner’s rental risks that generated the need for the no refund policy in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read many posts about decent & honorable owners and some brokers who are working hard to help renters and/or refund their money. It looks like you were fortunate to rent from such people. But all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch.


But many of those points are worthless if they cannot be used. So the fact that some owners cannot rebook is because the points are being returned to them but they have or will expire before the parks can open.

Not wanting to, or not willing to is another matter. As you say one bad apple spoils the bunch.

But you are also being selective about what you are hearing, ignoring the full facts and tarring all of us. Which is equally unfair IMO.


I was really hoping to try and rent points for next October because we are a family of 5 and it seems like such a great deal, but now I’m really reconsidering and I have no clue what we will end up doing!

But you are also being selective about what you are hearing, ignoring the full facts and tarring all of us. Which is equally unfair IMO.

I understand your reaction. Based on some of your previous posts, I take it you are a DVC owner, right? I came darn close to buying a DVC membership a few years ago myself, but did not. I would not be happy today either if I were a DVC owner faced with potentially losing rental income, all your points, and/or having to deal with the realities of Use Years, DVC scheduling or having to compete in the future for the limited DVC availability once Disney reopens with so many extra points chasing so few room, … especially in light of the gargantuan amount of money and 50 year commitment Disney wanted from me to buy that membership in the first place. Not to mention ever increasing annual maintenance fees I would have paid whether or not I used my membership. No, I’ve not walked in your shoes, but do understand your point of view. You are right. You have my apologies if you felt I tarred you.

Unfortunately I am not wrong either. I am after all a DVC owner’s cash paying customer. I stand to lose $5,000, or potentially more given how the DVC Rental Store collects fees, which kind of important to me. And in my case, the owners point would come back at the start of his Use Year. So this is not a theoretical discussion for me, as I am sure it is not for you either. But the hard, cold reality of it all is that customers do not need DVC owners. There are simply too many other alternatives out there. But if DVC owners want to continue renting points, DVC owners need customers. We are all selective about what we hear, and seldom know or appreciate the full facts. And I do not have an answer. This COVID-19 pandemic has created problems none of us envisioned. Hopefully one of the lessons we learn from all this is to seek middle ground.

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No worries but thanks.

Believe me, I empathise with you, and I would be upset too. I can’t remember, can you remind me (because the other thread is so long now).

What was your position? Was it a case where the owner refused to return, or is it the broker who is now simply offering a voucher instead of refunding, or something else entirely?

I am an owner, and I offered to refund in an email to the broker which they accepted. And they did refund in full. That was right at the start, the reservation started the day before the parks closed. Luckily for me I have rented out half my points to a liner, so I will get some of what I had to refund at least (barring another park closure of course). The rest are still with the broker. My points don’t expire until the end of November, so I have a chance of renting out the rest. Regardless, I would have refunded anyway; to me (and DH) it was the only option.

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This is the option I was given from the DVC rental store. What would you all do?

Thanks for posting. That’s good that they offered you a partial refund or credit. I had not heard any indications of this in my communicaiton.

We would take the credit, but that is specific to our situation. Our whole reservations is 159 points and we are splitting the cost among the adults in the party. To quote my father when we were discussing all this, “I don’t want a refund, I want to go on vacation.”

We are trying to re-book since our owners points don’t expire until later in the year.

Thanks for sharing. So the refund being offered to you is ~ 20% of the total you paid? The charitable view is that they recognize that this is a terrible situation and want to help out their customers in some way. A somewhat cynical view is that they recognize that the contract may be void since they are unable to provide the contracted services and are trying to get you to go away cheaply. My read of the DVCRS contract (caveat: not an attorney) is that there is no force majeure clause covering resort closure, so it is possible that the contract would be viewed as void. You could try a chargeback with your credit card for services not provided to see if they agree with that view (credit cards will often interpret things in a manner that benefits their client, which is you).

Another thing you may want to consider is to try to delay. I don’t think DVC has yet made a determination on whether they are going to change rules re: banking and expiring points due to the pandemic. Perhaps remote, but those points could become useable if DVC extends the use deadline or allows banking.

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In their canned response they make sure to include legalise from contract.

“The DVC Rental Store or the Member shall not be responsible for any injuries,damages, or losses caused to the Guest or Guest’s travel party in connection with terrorist activities, social, or labor unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, criminal acts or abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the DVC Rental Store’s or the Member’s control”

It states disease, but I’d look at that more as guest or guest party gets diseases than park and resort closing or being more limited, but same not a lawyer.

Went back and looked since I hadn’t heard yet and they basically responded they can’t help me because they aren’t helping anyone booked after April 30th.

While I understand this, at same time I’m not going to make my last payment if not going to be able to use it, esspecially based on the option posted above. Sent email stating the same and hope they will work with us sooner.

If you are ok with it and can swing the trip within a year I’d do that, but, just saw Davids is doing a full credit for their people so you might use that as leverage to get better deal.

I may try to do the same. I’m kicking myself for not using Davids again. Last time things were bit weird, and saw lots of people saying Dvcrentalstore was better experience.

For the person above second thinking it, I think how they are treating people should tell you everything and I’d use Davids for your trip. We used them twice before for good deal. The mini kitchen also works well for us to do cheaper quick, cheaper, easy breakfasts vs normal rooms without that option