DVC waitlist luck...?

What’s the best strategy for getting off the waitlist? I know shorter stays are more likely to get filled. I can either waitlist a Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Idk which one would be more likely.

I think that’s a really tough call… on one hand, it seems less likely that people would cancel 3 days in the middle of the week, but on the other hand the other days are generally more in demand, so there may be more people waitlisted for those days. You also can look and see if any of the individual days in either of those trips are available… if it’s just one day that’s gumming up the works on one of them then I’d go with that time.

If you’re looking at a time during F&W festival then I’d go with the midweek stay. Otherwise I’d say go with whichever days suit your plans better.