DVC Value for Military

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts…DH and I are thinking about the future for our WDW trips, and we probably want to do WDW, DLR, or a cruise every year, or every other year at the most. We like the deluxe resorts, and I think DVC (buying resale) would be a no-brainier for a lot of people. However, as a military family, we can get rooms at Deluxe resorts for 40% off at any time. My mathing is not all that great, so I’m not sure how to determine the long term value when comparing, and none of the many articles about DVC take my situation into consideration.

Have you looked at how much yearly dues would be? You cannot use points bought resale on DCL, and I have been told but honestly never did the math- that it is a very poor use of points. My guess is that you are right- with your discounts you most likely would not break even for years on the sale and then there would be dues on top.

Yeah, I think on years I wanted to do a cruise, I’d try to rent out points and put that towards it. I guess the yearly dues vary. The one big pro I’ve heard is that it essentially locks in the prices for the resorts, even though regularly, prices are raised every year. Eh, we’ll see. This is still years out…I just like thinking about all the amazing future times at WDW I want to have. :smile: