DVC Valet Parking

So I have read elsewhere that if you rent DVC points, parking in WDW is free (including both your resort and theme parks - correct me if I’m wrong). But is valet parking still full cost or is there a discount for DVC renters / members?

Parking is free at your DVC resort when staying on DVC points (both members and renters).
Theme park parking is free for any guest of a WDW resort (DVC or hotel).
I don’t think there is any discount for DVC members/renters, but not completely sure.

Tables in Wonderland cardholders receive complimentary valet parking at Disney resorts and Disney Springs when parking there for the purpose of dining at a restaurant. Card-carrying DVC members can purchase TiW cards, but this perk is part of TiW program, not DVC. AP holders can also purchase TiW.

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Thanks! That’s helpful info.

Valet parking for DVC used to be free (or discounted? I never did it) but it no longer is.