DVC Two 2BRs with 9 people and 9 credit cards

Is there a way once we get to Disney to have each magic band be linked to a separate credit card. Love my extended family, but don’t want to be responsible for their charges. I know I can lock them out of charging to the magic bands and to the room. But everyone wants to use their magic bands for charging.

Just have someone else put down their credit card… then THEY can sort it out!!!:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, you can do that. It has to be done at the front desk. And you should check it works OK with some small purchases.

Worst case, you would get a list of what band bought what.

You can link different people to different credit cards at the hotel. Also, it only charges your credit card if you reach $1500 or when you check out. You can double check at night to see what is happening to the charging.