DVC tour

We are going to Disney in about a month and I’ve been thinking about going on a DVC tour. I have done research online but I have never seen the units in person. My question is, has anyone done it? Will it take a huge chunk out of my day, and will my kids hate me for putting them through it?

I’ve never done the tour, but kind of want to do it as well. From what I’ve read the tour takes about two hours.

That is about how long it took when we did it before we bought into it. You can really cut it short if you want to, but I can almost promise your kids won’t enjoy it.

When we visited for our first “on site” stay, 6yrs ago eldest DS(aged 14) begged us to book. We did it on last full day, am. Youngest DS (10)went to the kids club and didn’t want to leave! Eldest loved tour. As we are from uk we had to decide there and then. We joined! Took 3 to 4 hrs incl paperwork, then they took us to MK when we’d had lunch at Saratoga.
Sell it to kids: kids club for younger ones and “how would you like to come here every year” for older ones. Do your homework first so you have your questions ready. We didn’t know anything when we went so had to have the whole thing explained.

I’d suggest only do it if you really think it might be right for you. If so then do it. :blush: