DVC Tour vs just buying online

We are considering buying DVC at the GF. Would we get a better deal if we do a tour on a trip? Trying to decide if it is worth the time.

Are you a first time buyer and will you buy the 150 points to get the added incentives? I don’t know if it will make any difference. I think you will establish a relationship with a guide in-person.

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We would be a first time buyer. And yes, thinking we would start at 150 points

I was hoping they might have added incentives there to push to close a sale

Make sure you get a referral code from one of us. It will get you an extra $500 off and the current owner will get a $150 dinner certificate. Owners can refer as many times as needed but only get the food credit once.

This might help too. It is on the new incentives. It is available as a podcast too


The incentives are set. You just need to make sure you get them all.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely message you if we go ahead with it for the referral. Going full on the research tomorrow

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You might consider a later year (August-December) use year to take advantage of the magical beginnings offer too.

I haven’t seen the magical beginnings offer, I’ll look into that. Later year would work out well

I do have a future trip booked. How much savings is that?

Does anyone have strong opinions on buying direct rather than resale?

That’s kind of what i was thinking. And I’m pretty sure we can only get discount on AP buying direct and buying 5 APs, that discount adds up

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