DVC Tipping

When staying in a “regular” room I always tip at the “usual” $5/day rate (sometimes a little more), left each day. I’ll be renting DVC points for the first time in Nov, and I know that the only “maid” service is towels and trash on day 4. What is the appropriate approach to tipping in this case?

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I very rarely stay long enough or time my stays so that I have a full room cleaning; most times I don’t even get the towel-and-trash service. I’ll tip as if I’m getting two days’ service: once for the cleaning before I got there and once for the one needed when I leave.

This one is always confusing. I decided on a “normal” day’s tip on T&T day, and then a double tip on checkout day to account for the fact the the room was slightly more dirty than it would have been with daily Mousekeeping.

Hey - you and I arrived at the same result for check-out day but for different reasons. Therefore, we must be right! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. That’s kind of what I was thinking; $5 on T&T day and $10 on check-out…