DVC studio advice

Trying to convince DH we should go back the beginning of June (4 of us). I’d like to rent points, but DH is concerned about room size. The studios are around 350 sq ft. Anyone have experience with DVC studios (BLT or WL or BC)? Were you crowded?

We had 4 in studio at BLT and not crowed. Spent most time on balcony when in the room. Loved kitchenette and layout of the rest on room. Loved BLT! Renting points for studios at AKL in nov and BCV in march!

Most (all?) DVC studios are larger than a standard WDW resort room. If you are really concerned about size, then look at OKW - the largest DVC studios, and the only ones with two Queen beds.

I agree with your husband - 350sqft rooms are terrible! Only me and DS10 and even the kid comments how small the AKL rooms are. An older deluxe resort has more room - do you need the kitchen? Contemp, Poly, GF have HUGE rooms by comparison, 25% larger.

I can’t get my head around cooking on vacation, but ordering Garden Grocer is wonderful!

Side note - I am committed to trying an All Star Vacation home - they sponsor WDW Today podcast (with Len Testa as a regular host). http://www.allstarvacationhomes.com/ With a private pool and huge home, sounds like it would be a good option for when I bite the bullet and bring a group of friends.

Found my spreadsheet with room sizes. Standard rooms at Values 260 sq ft (except for AoA which is 277). Standard Moderate are 314 (except for CBR which is 340). Standard Deluxe range from 340 (WL) to 440 (GF). DVC studios range from 316 (AKV Value) to 390 (OKW), but in terms of your choices your have BTL 339, VWL 356, and BCV 365.

For a visual presentation of this, check out the infamous TouringPlans.com “driveway” blog post http://blog.touringplans.com/2011/09/12/what-you-get-for-the-money-resorts/

Stayed in a DVC studio room with two other adults at Boardwalk Villas and had plenty of room, though it should be noted that the room we were in was oddly triangular shaped (must’ve been on a curved portion of the resort) and larger than another studio that people we were traveling with had at the same resort. So, I’m not sure how helpful this information is, except to note that some studios (even in the same resort) are larger than others.

In case anyone’s curious, we were in room 4050 at Boardwalk Villas.

Stayed OKW Sept 2013 with Ds12. We each had a queen bed & plenty of room for the two of us. My only complaint was that we were in building 54 (I think) & it was a 7-10 min walk from main food court & lobby but we did have a bus stop right outside our door.